MORE about Get Bendy 11 November 2014

Why did I create the Get Bendy stretching guide?

To provide a better answer to 'how did you teach yourself yoga/ how did you improve your flexibility?'. 

When I decided I wanted to improve my flexibility to help my sciatic pain at the beginning of 2013 I trawled the internet for info and couldn't find one source that had everything I needed. The back pain I was getting from my scoliosis was unbearable and I couldn't afford $20 a pop to attend a yoga class. Attending a yoga class every day is HEFTY $$$ for school students, uni students, even people with full time jobs! I wanted to practice everyday so I started teaching myself at home. 

Side note - I suffered from sciatic pain almost every day for 5-7 years because of my scoliosis. Many of you have seen the photo of my X-ray and although the curve and rotation of my spine is mild the pain was torturous. After about 6 months of stretching (doing the same stretches that are in Get Bendy and also my new guide Get Split) the sciatic pain stopped. Any muscle pain I get now can usually be fixed by a thorough stretch session and some myofascial release (foam roller or trigger point balls). I only see a chiropractor if I feel as though I need a small adjustment or a physiotherapist if I injure myself.

When you strip back the fancy-ness of some crazy yoga poses what it really comes down to is stretching the specific parts of your body required for the pose. I could go through and tell you how I get into every position (I am working on something specific for yoga poses which will be coming soon in 2015) but building a foundation is important and from there you can set personal goals.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

I wanted to create something which provided people the foundation to work on their overall flexibility. Something simple enough for a complete beginner to follow but at the same time provide the essential building blocks that even someone at an advanced level needs to focus on. Just because I can pop into a forearm scorpion doesn't mean that the very basic stretches aren't beneficial for me. Doing a backbend regularly is of course going to improve your backbend but you can also break it down. Work on opening up your shoulders to take the pressure off your lower back. Open up your hips and stretch out your quads too. You need to be working on everything.

The reason I keep it as affordable as possible: I want something that is a one-off payment that you can keep. I know I'm not the only one with a horrible memory but when I would go to a yoga class I'd pay my $18-20, do the class, go home and forget everything. You don't get a homework sheet, and almost every class is different. I wanted to create a product that people could follow along at home, take to the gym for a post workout stretch, have a poster version to put on a wall in their home/office/gym which allowed them to disconnect from technology for a bit, or have the option of printing an eGuide out. 

Why a photographic guide?
When I was teaching myself yoga I would look at websites that had one photo of the final pose with a 1000 word essay on how to get into it. When I wanted to stretch, I wanted to stretch! I didn't want to sit there reading for over an hour (that's what a Law degree is for!). The stretching guide is all about getting back to basics so the photos are self explanatory and are to be read with the 'Handy Tips' for guidance on warming up, how long to hold stretches, injuries, breathing etc. 

I also wanted something that was available internationally and easy to understand. Pictures are universal, words - not so much. Google translate doesn't always do a perfect job at translating into other languages. Example of misinterpretation - I studied Japanese at school and I had a writing exam where we needed to show the difference between 'do' and 'play'. This one is confusing. I 'do' swimming, you 'play' tennis. Well…. what I meant to write was 'after school I am going home to play with my dog'. My teacher pulled me aside in class and had a bit of a chuckle reading my exam because what I actually wrote was 'after school I am going home to do my dog'. Hmmmmm YOU UNDERSTAND where I'm coming from!? :p 

Let me know if you would like to know anything more and I shall add it to this post. I think this + the description on the product page & the Handy Tips in Get Bendy explain things enough though.

Get Bendy and Get Split are available here.


Elle :)