Dive underwater at Noosa with me 27 June 2014

HOLIDAYS! Wooooo. Finally finished exams. I got to take my new board out for the first time yesterday. I can foresee myself being covered in a thick layer of salt with a rather interesting face, hand and foot tan over this winter break. That is because I will predominantly be channeling my inner penguin and wearing a full wetsuit for the next month or so. My hair is at least two shades lighter after adventuring around in the ocean all day. Maybe I can avoid seeing the hair dresser for a while. The ocean is cleansing… maybe I can avoid showering too. That wouldn't be too far out of the ordinary. When I was swimming training in a chlorine pool twice a day (<10yrs old) I went for over a week without a proper shower. My hair turned a nice shade of green. Pretty sure Mum put tomato sauce in it to counteract the colour. Wow. Cairns kid through and through.

Anyway here are some snaps! As you can see the swell was MASSIVE…… Noosa and Coolum in all their crispy blue water and blue sky glory. Delish! 



I have bought a GoPro too. Sooo I guess I will just have to start a number of extreme sports to make it worthwhile.. Base jumping tomorrow? 


Elle :)