Jump behind the scenes of the Get Bendy photo shoot 20 May 2014

My first blog post! Welcome to my weird mind in text form. I shall endeavour to post regularly on here however uni may sometimes take priority, apologies in advance.

What better way to start than to take you behind the scenes of the Get Bendy shoot. Haha it's funny writing that because if I was to read a different business say that, I'd think ooo yay there must have been such a huge cool team behind all of this. No not really. I'll give you a run down. From the very beginning.

Elle Fit Active sprouted into being at the beginning of February this year. Initially I was thinking of creating an app. That idea quickly got pushed to the side when I was reminded that I am a poor uni student and apps cost thousands of $. So it was a car trip to Brisbane where mother duck and I had a light bulb moment and came up with the idea of a poster/ eBook! Perfect! 

Since creating my elle_fit Instagram account at the beginning of 2013 I have had plenty of questions about how I taught myself yoga/ where to start etc. Hence the creation of Get Bendy! As a uni student I wanted to create something other people in my predicament could afford. I found yoga classes to be a bit hit and miss. Loved a teacher one day, not so much the next, crowded classes or the token Darth Vader breathing down your neck. Not to mention my inability to make classes on time… At $20 a pop, my Centrelink Youth Allowance budget did not agree in the slightest. I was very keen to practice daily but needed an alternative. I don't know about you but in the classes I went to I really enjoyed the challenging poses they sometimes threw in at the end (i.e. inversions or arm balances). I wanted to spend hours doing these poses! I get quite bored of a set routine so I found some classes a bit too repetitive - each to their own! I prefer to spend hours rolling around teaching myself new tricks. Similar to 8yr old me. I lost it when I saw this photo for the first time… :| ! 




Patience isn't exactly my forte so when I had this idea to create a stretching guide I had a hard time keeping up with my mind. Speaking at a million miles an hour with exaggerated hand gestures surrounded by a sea of 'to do lists' and scribbles is quite standard. You'd be surprised at how many hours simply setting up an ABN can take. Add registering a business name, organising website domains, setting up a Shopify account, a website theme, email addresses, social media channels, business logo, PayPal, merchant account, working with IT guys, deciding to change over to a company (Elle Fit Pty Ltd) before launching aaaaah THE LIST GOES ON. In saying that I think I did quite well to get all of that organised + an actual eBook and poster in just under 3 months. Speedy Gonzales. Yeah, I know. Quickest I have ever sorted out anything in my life. 



On the 18th of Feb I flew down to Sydney to catch up with Chris Lew to get the ball rolling. Woke up quite early and we shot down at North Bondi for a couple of hours as the sun came up (bit of an anti-climax sun rise but still got some cool shots/ risked death on cliff sides, the usual). 



We then headed to a studio that I had hunted down. White walls and white floor boards mmm mm naiiice warehouse vibe. The walls and floors were dirty, hence my black feet in the Get Bendy photos but it actually made for some pretty cooool shots. At one stage I walked over to the sink and asked Chris 'do you think they'd mind if I washed my feet in here?' his response was 'wow.. you can take a girl out of Cairns......' haha yep I'll take that. (PS. Apologies to the studio, I did go ahead with that plan…).

Hair and make up time! HA! Well that was pretty much me just sitting in front of the mirror for 5 mins thinking I have noooo idea what I'm doing. Feeble attempt at covering up some beautiful pimples I had festering away and then I whipped my hair into a bun. Woo great work, 100 points go to me for attempting to be a girl. Anywaaay..

Here are some shots from the day. Standard snap chat selfie and a few totally un-organised candid behind the scenes snaps………… haha! Camera, camera, laptop, CANON, umbrella. Well done Chris! 




Elle :)