Why you should go to yoga 04 April 2016

I LOVE stretching and challenging myself at home but I also appreciate how amazing, refreshing and important going to a yoga class is. If you have the Get Bendy, Get Split & Get Inverted guides - to be honest you can use them however you like - although they aren't a replacement for yoga classes, they complement them. 

Whenever I'm going through a hard time I seem to avoid yoga classes. I know they will make me feel better - guaranteed 99% of the time (the only time they don't is if my head is in a really crappy place and I beat myself up internally for an hour, anyone else relate?). I don't even make excuses I just avoid them. I do my best to stretch at home but even that's a struggle when my head isn't feeling it, or consumed by 101 other things. 

Since I did my yoga teacher training I think I started avoiding classes even more, not sure why but I'd be interested to see if this has happened to anyone else? Let me know in the comments below. I've barely been to any classes this year and have stuck with a home practice. However I did a class on Saturday morning and another one tonight (Monday night) and I feel amazing. 

Being guided through a one hour class is exactly what I need at the moment. I need someone to remind me to focus on my breath, relax my concentration face, not take myself so seriously, plant little seeds of mindfulness, challenge me, make me work up a sweat, balance, relax, give me space to allow whatever needs to come up. 

I don't know about you, but this is extremely hard for me to do on my own at home when things are tough. 

This is why the Elle Fit Active guides COMPLEMENT yoga classes so well. If you've never been to a yoga class, GO! It will make your home practice a lot easier. 

The asana practice we do in a yoga class (postures) are really just a sequence of stretches so if you're adding more of this in at home with Get Bendy and Get Split you'll notice a difference in class. It's like homework, but homework you might actually want to do.

You might like to work on your hamstring flexibility more at home so you can nail the splits or feel more open in a 3 legged downward dog. You might really, really want to hold a headstand in class so you practice with Get Inverted a few times a week. Or you might only be able to get to a class once a week so you decide to lock in 10-20mins of stretching when you wake up or before you go to bed each day. 

If you live somewhere where there are no yoga studios, no classes that fit your schedule or simply no teachers nearby that you resonate with by all means just do the best you can and if that means a home practice is your only option, THIS IS AWESOME. If you'd like to experience more of a class setting (and get all the added benefits of having a great teacher guide you) sites like Yoga Glo are great and you can sift through and find a teacher you like and set your laptop or computer near your mat and do a yoga class that way.  

We spend our lives caught up in our heads. Don't be afraid to seek outside help for tools and reminders of how to deal with the head stuff! I consider a yoga class reaching out for help. Find a teacher you like and you will most certainly know what I mean. Someone that can tap into life stuff but at the same time make you workout is pretty cool in my opinion.

If you're on the Sunshine Coast, I'm going to Zenko as it's quite close to where I live and I really enjoy Lauren Vercoe's classes. I also did my training with Tammy Williams at Yoga NRG and her classes are brilliant - I just don't get down to Currimundi as much. 

Please leave recommendations of great studios and teachers in your area in the comments below :D.

I hope this post has helped!

Lots of love

Elle :)