Orange & Carrot Juice 07 October 2014

How to make your pregnant sister love you? Turn the juicer on in the early AM. 

How to make your Dad love you? Remove juicer lid before juicer has completely switched off and let roughly cut carrot fly around the kitchen.

How to make your dog love you? Let dog lick up previous mistake.

How to make your Dad love you x2? Tell him he's da best dad ever whilst you wander back to your room with a messy, dismantled juicer in the sink.

I got home from being away for a couple of days and had this message on my desk from Dana. The wind had blown it away from the actual gift so I got excited thinking Harvey Specter was waiting in my bed. No dice apparently. But she had been kind enough to think of me whilst walking past some indie glass jars and picked me up one with a handle. Weeeee another one to add to the collection. Soon I'll be able to serve my delish juices to the whole fam in jars. I'm sure Dad will refuse and ask for a half size juice in a regular glass. 


Carrot and orange, derish, feat. handy handle.


Oh and meet Lily's new friend Guldog. Lily is my Peace Lily (plant on the right), and Guldog is my new fern. Fern, Fern Gully, Gully, Guldog. Lily needs a masculine guy and I think Guldog is the perfect new addition to Elle Fit HQ ;). (In saying that, I bet some plant guru will tell me ferns are female or something. Don't ruin this for me!)

Here's a song that I'm playing on repeat at the moment. I HATE WHEN I DO THIS. I will have ruined a great song within a week. Oh well. Worth it. Their whole EP 'Vessel' is actually on high rotation, v good.  


Happy Tuesday!

Elle :)