Dinner for Lazy Students 30 September 2014

I am seriously in awe of people who can effortlessly whip up amazing dinners. Is that just practice? Because I don't think I could even complete a Jamie Oliver 15 min meal in 15 mins...

When I'm studying (doing a last minute assignment) I freak out if I have to spend ages preparing food. I think a lot of other people suffer from this otherwise McDonalds and Nandos wouldn't be so cleverly placed in popular uni student suburbs.

This is one of my super easy go-to meals if I need a cheap and filling feed. Not the most jam packed whizz bang nutrient dense meal butttt it hits the spot. Roast potato with madras lentils and peas.. to avoid dairy I use Nuttelex instead of butter. But then I go and ruin that whole plan by sprinkling some cheese on top, because let's face it, cheesy potatoes is worth mildly puffy eyes in the morning. 


If you're expecting pretty photos, you won't see any here.


Potatoes, poo and peas. Delish.


I used to refer to recipe methods as instructions. So here are my instructions:

  • Get a big bowl
  • Pour macadamia oil all over your hands
  • Roll dem potatoes
  • Chuck them on a tray (skewers are handy to keep them from rolling everywhere - also good for flipping)
  • Sprinkle them with mixed herbs and salt
  • Cook dem in the oven until they're naice and crispy (we put them on at about 200'C until they're looking crisp then drop it about 180 until they're finished)
  • Heat up packet of lentils (this brand is at Woolies and it's YUM)
  • Steam peas
  • Slop on a plate
  • Sit down and watch The Bachelor and listen to any male in close proximity tell you how messed up the show is
  • Keep eating and don't listen to them
  • Leave dirty dishes in the sink and wait for someone else to clean them up (ain't nobody got time fo dat)
  • Return to studying when you can be bothered
  • Make sure you cook enough so you can have left overs for lunch 


And if you can't be bothered roasting them, throw them in the microwave or boil them. That is still better than a Big Mac. I think?

Also, I have recently added a Bookshelf to my shop to share some stuff that has really helped me + recipe books I'm taking tips from :). Give it a squizz if you're interested. 

Elle :)