Revamping the Ancient Juicer! 22 September 2014

Dear Vitamix, although I love you and your ability to blend errything, sometimes I crave a bit of old school cooool in the kitchen. I'm taking indie to a whooole new level. Tonight I whipped out the ancient Breville Vegetable 'n' Citrus Juicer. I have late night urges to do odd things.

The Breville beast was hiding on the bottom shelf at the back of the pantry. I only found this because Scar (aka Angry Cat) keeps sneaking into the pantry to find his Whiskers (ie. cat food, in case you think we kept his actual whiskers in the pantry…). Actually I'm not even sure that's why he crawls in there, I think he's just an attention seeker. Anyway, this pour soul (incorrect spelling pun intended) has been neglected for over a decade, the juicer that is, not the cat.

When Dana and I were little bebs, my parents were raw vegan. Dad had a few gruelling rounds of chemo so they decided to go au naturale to kick cancers butt (and yes, that worked, papa bear is still kicking on). I guess this means they were cool before #vegan had 6,615,802 tags on Insta. This also means that the Breville beast is more than 23 years old, because they bought it before I was born! WHAT. A. TROOPER!

I was busy cooking dinner so I bribed Dad to clean the Breville beast for $20. Bribery always works. I should have clearly defined what 'clean' meant because he did a pretty average job. I wasn't satisfied with his efforts so I asked what we could do to clean the juicing blade-y bit more thoroughly. A few years of left over orange pulp isn't exactly what I wanted in my belly tonight. I have this odd trait where I'm a clean freak but only if I can clean something to its absolute cleanest. I'll only clean my room if everything has a place. I didn't have much storage at my old place so my room was often a mess because I couldn't handle things not having a proper home... I digress. 

Dad said he used to use a toothbrush to give it a good clean. GREAT idea Dad!! We wandered to the bathroom and stole Mum's electric toothbrush. We occasionally steal it to clean Klaus' teeth too. Let's just keep that on the down low. I know you're reading this Mum, I hope your mouth tastes like dishwashing liquid tonight. ;) 


Not joking. Electric toothbrush worked a treat. 


The Breville beast in all its discoloured glory. Feat. happy food.


Fresh OJ. Perfect for an 8pm pick-me-up.


Added some carrot to the mix, derish. 


So the point of this blog is… Breville doesn't need warranties. I don't think their products ever break. I'm surprised we still had all the parts! You can pick up a juicer or blender from an op shop. I can guarantee you people chuck out perfectly decent white goods (or slightly yellow) all the time. 

Queue a million blog posts about colourful juices I make. And yes I understand the whole smoothie vs juice debate blah blah, I just feel like some juice maaaan. 

Elle :)