Blackberry Blitz Smoothie 17 September 2014

Getting a bit fancy schmancy!! This whole presentation thing is easier than I thought. LOOK AT THAT DRIP! That wasn't even on purpose. I was about to wipe it off and thought hmm nah I'll leave that there, spilling smoothies is so #foodstagram-esque.  



Proof that you don't need a jar to consume a smoothie.  

Feedback from Masterchef judge 1: 'Oo this even tastes good in a regular glass.' 

Kidding he didn't say that. I gave him a teaspoon and watched him uncomfortably take his first mouthful of the green layer. If my bland palate comes from anywhere, it's from Dad. He's always willing to give new foods a try though. I think he was more impressed with the whole two tone smoothie thing rather than the taste. But he did really enjoy it. He could only manage to down half the glass because it was so filling. Proud of you Dad. You did well. 

The recipe says 1 cup full fat yoghurt (in the purple layer) so I opted for COYO (Coconut Yoghurt) to avoid the dairy sitch. Delish smoothie and also suuuuper filling! :D 

I bought Sarah Wilson's Clean 'N' Green Smoothie eBook the other day for some more ideas. That's where I found this Blackberry Blitz recipe. 64 pages of awesome info, how to get started, tasty toppings and bunch of schweet recipe ideas for green smoothies, smoothie bowls, show stopppers (eg. the one I whipped up today), and some sweet 'n' green ones in there too! + heaps of pretty photos. Can't have a book without photos. Oo maybe that's my next challenge. Making something without a photo to refer to. Watch out! Getting adventurous! 



You can buy the eBook hurrrr :) well worth the moolah $ if you're after a bit more knowledge and ideas!


Elle :)