Eggs & Avo on Toast 11 September 2014

After talking about eggs and avo on toast in the previous post I felt like having it for lunch. Reached my hangry stage early so couldn't be bothered giving poached eggs a go today. I have done them twice before but boiled eggs was going to be a lot more mood friendly today… I think that's one of my problems with cooking. I'm too impatient. When I'm hungry I don't want to then spend time cooking. And because I'm such a clueless fool in the kitchen the standard preparation and cooking time needs to at least be multiplied by 5.

Yep burnt toast -_- regular occurrence. Our toaster even has a sweet button called 'a bit more' so it just toasts for 'a bit' longer if one full cycle isn't enough. But I just pressed it down for 2 whole thingamabobs. Sat on the bench pondering life (probs on Insta), even smelt it burning but didn't think much of it. Take two was more successful.




Even making something as simple as this gives me warm fuzzies. WOO HOO I created something. Ahhh simple, simple life. If I can make something in the kitchen I think anyone can.. possibly even a one armed sloth. 

The bread is the gf, df and yeast free one by Country Life. Basically the only one I can eat. Rarely have bread at home but I just chuck a loaf in the freezer for the odd time I'm actually making something that involves toast. Usually with pumpkin soup from a can ;). 

Elle :)

P.S. When I published this blog post my website came up with this message..



HA! I wish it was that easy to create food! Type a few words, BING! Ya food is readyyy. I don't know what's next computer!? YOU TELL ME!