GF Muesli 11 September 2014

Breakfast is no doubt my favourite meal of the day. I would happily just have breakfast food for the rest of my life. Not kidding. But this basically explains my thoughts when I see breakfast #foodstagrams on Insta.



When I make breakfast at home it has to be completed in 2mins max. One of my biggest fears in the kitchen is cooking a meal and not coordinating everything so it's ready together. So making things like bacon and eggs is just my worst nightmare. And anything more than that is just, nup, can't even fathom how that's done. There is a cafe on the Sunny Coast where I'm definitely a VIP. I sometimes wonder where my money goes so I decided to go through my bank statement and highlight all the food. Yep. My whole statement was basically covered in highlighter. This was also a contributing factor to Elle Kooks. I need to save some moolah $$$!!

Anyway, whilst I ease myself into the whole kitchen scene this is my breakfast. I was having the Brookfarm muesli which I loved, but even though their cranberry gf muesli said it was preservative free, it was still flaring up my geographic tongue for some reason. I have to basically steer clear of all dried fruit I think otherwise my tongue hurts like crazy (I'm intolerant to sulphites/ preservatives 220-228). 




I found this muesli at Coles (it says fruit free clusters but I'm just going to call it muesli). It's gluten free, fruit free and fructose free, no oats (which I can't have either), and no preservatives! WOO! I have been on the hunt for something like this for ages. Mum and I even went to the health food store and tried to get ingredients to make our own but it was an epic fail. I only chose really light things like rice puffs etc so it all just floated in my almond milk and had no crunch or flavour to it at all.

I use the So Good Almond Milk and yes it's the one with a bit of cane sugar in it, but it tastes a million times better than the one without. And with only 3.5/100g sugar it's really not that bad at all. I love bananas and I realise they are quite high in fructose but I much prefer to have them than convince myself that I need to devour a whole packet of gf & df mint slice at 3pm. I can't stand how the health food aisle is just jam packed with unhealthy crap. Just because it's gluten and dairy free does not mean it is a 'healthy food'. Companies have just seen a hole in the market and thought oooo we can totally make a killing by switching up some ingredients for these intolerable people with intolerances (because that's how they view us).

I'm trying to implement Sarah Wilson's strategies because I really do still struggle with sugar highs and lows. My diet will be really good and then the treat cabinet at my regular cafe just has to have delish choc brownies in the window glaring at me. It's downhill after that. I'm all for treats but I just have a problem with deciding when that's enough. One brownie, two brownies, GIVE ME ALL THE BROWNIES! When I talk about this cafe I go to it's all gluten free so I can pretty much eat anything there. Some things have dairy but I can deal with the chesty cough and puffy eyes more so than the bloating and stomach pains from wheat etc. 

My absolute fave breaky is good old poached eggs and avo on toast. So I guess I need to master poached eggs sooner rather than later. If anyone has any fool proof tricks of the trade for poached eggs please leave a comment! 

The ingredients of this muesli are: buckwheat, rice syrup, puffed rice, sunflower kernels, pepitas, puffed millet, almonds, psyllium husk, tapioca, chia seeds, linseed, sunflower oil, hazelnuts, cinnamon, pecans. It's got 6.9/100g of sugar so pretty good for a breaky option. Compare that to Kellogg's Crunchy nut which is 31.7/100g :| parents that feed their kids cereals like that for breaky need to be schooled! 

Over and out.

Elle :)