Sweet Potato & Sun-Dried Tomato Fritters 10 September 2014

Night 2 of cooking! Tonight was a bit more disastrous in the kitchen. The recipe book that came with the Vitamix is American so I got a bit flustered having to convert things into cups in order to understand it. Then I had a maths dilemma because I had twice the amount of sweet potato. Not sure why I freaked out about this because I soon realised I'd need to double the recipe if the whole fam was going to eat dinner. Dad was super hungry, Mum had a late night at work and Dana is pregnant so I had a bit of pressure to perform. By the way any time I say there is pressure involved, my family couldn't care less if I completely stuffed up because they'd probably go and order a pizza and be just as happy. Buuuut I'm a stress head sooo point invalid, I'll still freak out. 

Dana was helping me because the recipe was getting a bit too much for my rookie cooking brain to handle. Turns out Dana's baby brain wasn't much better because we accidentally added the oil that was meant for cooking the fritters into the actual batter. Crisis averted though. After I got angry at Dana and she stormed out of the kitchen and went to her room.. SORRRYYY DAAAAANA (I apologised when dinner was ready.. haha). But yeah I guess I'm a bit of a crappy person to be around in the kitchen at this time. I managed to scoop the oil out of the batter and all was fine again. 

The mixture looked quite runny and I had absolutely no idea what it was meant to look like, so again I started to freak out. Dad offered some good advice and said if the recipe book doesn't have pictures along the way, just assume you are doing everything according to plan and see how it goes. Glad I followed his advice because I was about to add a whole lot of flour to make it less runny. 

Finally got the mush into the pan. With a quick little cry (mini temper tantrum) because I dropped some on the bench. Moving right along.. Burnt the first one because I had no idea how long to keep it on one side. But that was a good chance to have a little taste test. This may have happened with a little angry smirk on my face because I was pleasantly surprised with how it tasted and Dad was too. Heeeehehe. I ended up making enough so each of us had about 3-4 with a simple salad (lettuce, tomato, avo and cucumber) for dinner. 

Ahhhh nice little sense of accomplishment. From now on I shall name the members of my family Matt, Gary and George and they can be my own Masterchef judges. Tonight's response from Matt (Dana) 'this is probably the tastiest meal you've ever made'. Thanks Matt, it's actually the first meal I have made, so, thank you, that was some quality feedback. Gary (Dad) and George (Mum) both agreed and were pleased with my efforts. Gary said it was a very tasty vegetarian meal. This is when I realised I had actually made a decent vego meal. Didn't even cross my mind about whether I was cooking vegetables or meat and I actually really liked the fact that I didn't have to use meat because prepping it actually weirds me out a bit. 




Sweet Potato & Sundried Tomato Fritters recipe here

I substituted GF plain flour for both of the flours and cooked with coconut oil rather than olive oil.


Elle :)