Basil & Spinach Pesto + Hommus 09 September 2014

I have had a few people ask me to post more of what I eat on Instagram. Guys, there is a reason I don't. In terms of presentation, it's often on par with regurgitated bird food. I didn't learn how to boil a kettle till I was 14 and I think I managed to master the toaster that same year. Dana (my older sister) and I are 14 months apart and she is the token Masterchef of our household, so as a kid all I had to do was say 'I'll be ya best frieeeend' and she would whip up gourmet after school snacks. My kitchen skills were basically limited to helping clean up, and by cleaning up I mean licking the bowl. 

Buuuut all of that is about to change (I have cried wolf way too many times for anyone to take this seriously, but I don't even care). I went along to Sarah Wilson's 'How to Live Well' talk last night and I think that gave me an extra little push to actually start learning how to cook. I'm 23 and I need to start from the very beginning. When I say beginning, I mean can someone please teach me how to cut an onion. That shit is tricky. I have YouTubed this multiple times and still have no idea where to start. 

I am going to be super honest with my learning to cook experience. And even though at the moment I feel like I am the only fool in the world who somehow missed this valuable life lesson (avoided at all costs), I'm sure there are other cool kids out there in the same predicament. You would not believe how awkward I am in the kitchen. Dana went up to the shops tonight to grab some things and had to explain in very specific detail what pots I needed to get ready to boil water for dinner. I then got distracted on Instagram and she ended up doing everything when she got home. Hopeless, see. I guess you could add incompetent and unreliable to that list. 

I've been making excuses my whole life about why I don't cook. I really appreciate good food but after years of feeling sick and not knowing why, the last thing I want to do is spend hours in the kitchen creating stuff that leaves me looking 3 months pregnant and a ticking fart bomb. Oh and by the way, all hopes of me having a social filter were deactivated when my Mum chose to procreate with my Dad. If you want stories without detail you may have to explore elsewhere. 

Today was a 'treat yo self' day. For some reason Myer wouldn't allow me to lay-by a Vitamix so I've been diligently saving on my own. So many people have raved on about them and I thought well if I can chuck a bunch of food in a blender and BAM 15secs later have something to eat wellll that sounds like my kinda kitchen necessity. Having one trillion food intolerances means making food from scratch is really the only safe way for me to avoid the aforementioned fart bombs. Not to mention the chesty cough, puffy eyes, stabbing stomach pains, psoriasis, and geographic tongue symptoms I get from various foods - fun tiiiimes!! In order to keep my body happy I'm pretty much gluten, wheat, yeast, dairy, and preservative free. That may sound crazy, but it really isn't. I'm literally just forced to eat REAL food. Something I loooved hearing about in Sarah Wilson's talk. Quitting sugar isn't the absolute focus, it's about getting people to cook again! Getting back to how our grandparents did it. Rather than stuffing our faces with take away and food like substances. 

Moving on, this afternoon was my first time using the Vitamix and I decided to make a basil and spinach pesto and also some hommus. Both recipes were from Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar page. Haaaha I probably shouldn't even mention that I followed those recipes because my photos won't really do them justice. They both tasted delish, I may have just got a bit blend-happy with the pesto soooo it's more of a fluro liquid. I think I'll go easy on the garlic in my next batch too. 

Oh and another part of me learning to cook is how to present the food. Dana looked on in disgust as I took my photos and begged to help but NO, if I'm going to learn to cook, I'm going to have crappy presentations to go with it. A few basil leaves hereeee and some random slush on a quinoa cracker there. I seriously have no idea. We used the pesto with gnocchi for dinner and I'm glad I have grown out of my phobia of witchetty grubs because I actually had what looked like a fluro green bowl of them (forgot to take a photo, was too busy stuffing my face).


And again with the presentation. Thought process *errrrr a couple of carrot sticks, maybe I'll chuck some of the leftover chickpeas in there tooooo, and a sneaky dip yo' carrot shot so you guys know I'm actually eating this rookie concoction*.


I probably should have taken a photo of the kitchen afterwards…. I guess that whole 'cleaning whilst you go' skill is one I am yet to even be familiar with. Stay tuned for more Vitamix fun and me learning how to do very, very simple meals. I'll probably be blending my whole diet for a while because this thing is so freaking fun to use. Don't worry, I'll make sure I have some solids, purely to save you from any diarrhoea stories. So thoughtful.


Basil & Spinach Pesto recipe here


Hommus recipe here - I've always spelt it 'hommus'.. so I'm just going to keep going with that. Hommus, hummus - whatever tickles your fancy.


Elle :)