Fifth Frame 02 April 2015

Elle Fit Active


At the beginning of 2015, there were over 300 million Instagram accounts registered to the incredibly popular social media site. To put that into perspective, that’s Australia’s whole population around 14 (and a bit) times over. So understandably, it’s incredibly easy to get lost in the sheer mass of likes, filters and photos already out there.

When I mentioned the @elle_fit page to my friends and was met with blank stares, I was shocked! How could they not know about self taught ‘yogi’ Eliza (known as Elle) Landgren? The aforementioned statistics probably helped their case, but with 145,000+ followers, a successful ‘Elle Fit Active’ Brand and a vibe that seems so quintessentially Australian- Elle is on the rise to the top, no doubt pulling some impressively hard yoga poses on the way there.

Elle started her journey into the realm of all things yoga at the beginning of 2013, looking for help with scoliosis pain. Having not always been flexible, Elle comments that “The flexibility I have now is from stretching and being persistent when trying new poses. A lot of trial and error, falling, getting back up and trying again!”

Fast forward to 2015 and Elle is now an accredited AcroVinyasa teacher, has been named in Harper Bazaar’s list of “Instagram’s most inspiring fitness girls,” and has her own Elle Fit Active brand, touting her own beginners guide to everything related to stretching and yoga.

When talking about her incredibly popular “Get Bendy” eGuide/poster duo, she comments that “It is what I did and continue to do for my flexibility and, [it] is the foundation for my yoga practice. It is a mixture of stretching and basic yoga poses.”

Having just released “Get Split” (a variation of the Get… range aiming to help readers reach the elusive yet attainable split pose), Elle is one woman you don’t want to miss. So keep up with her and her laughs at @elle_fit@ellefitactive and Don’t forget to check out her eGuides “Get Bendy” and “Get Split” too!

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